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What folks are saying...


When selecting a speech-language pathologist, it's important to find a good fit - both for you and for your child! There are different therapy techniques and personalities that work well for different families. Cortney is proud to have worked with countless families and talented developmental professionals in the Chicago area. Here are some of the things they are saying about her:


Cortney is always willing to collaborate


I have had the privilege of working with Cortney in a clinical setting for over two years. Cortney’s compassion, dedication and expertise in her field are reflected in the progress of her clients. Cortney is always willing to collaborate, consult and support with clients’ other therapists and teachers, ensuring a team approach! I am forever grateful for the coaching including in the areas of social cognition, shared meaning and increasing comprehension that Cortney provided during our work together.

            -Amanda DeAngeles, Floortime® Theapist, Therapeutic classroom teacher.


My daughter loved working with her


We worked with Cortney for two years, she is very knowledgeable, patient, and made learning fun. She is a great  motivator and caters each session to our special learning needs. My daughter loved working with her.  I highly recommend her.  We received lots of feedback, and daily updates.  We had the good fortune to work with Cortney  and made great progress in our time with her. 


Jennifer, Parent of 12 yr old


Cortney is gifted at explaining the root causes underlying my son's challenges


Cortney has been working with my son for three years, both in person and remotely via WebEx.  Cortney has also been coaching my wife and me, and my son's teachers and local speech therapists, all in the name of ensuring that everyone helping my son is working toward the same goals and in a consistent manner.  Cortney's ability to identify precisely where my son's challenges lie, design interventions to address those challenges, and work with him to overcome them is nothing short of magical.  She keeps our son engaged and focused on the tasks at hand by making their interventions fun, but never loses sight of the goals toward which she is working.  When coaching adults, Cortney is gifted at explaining the root causes underlying my son's challenges and, more importantly, the specific strategies that will enable us to help him.  Generally speaking she is a consummate professional, and consistently goes "above and beyond" to help us and our son succeed.  Having worked with multiple speech therapists over the years, I can say with confidence that there is none better than Cortney Grove, or is there is we have yet to meet her/him. 


Parent of a 10 year old


She has the most amazing way of introducing ideas to your child


Cortney is truly what my son called, "his special angel person." She has the most amazing way of introducing ideas to your child that challenge them to grow. She does so with the love and care of somebody that truly loves your child and desires nothing more than for them to succeed beyond all expectations. During the time that our son was fortunate enough to have Cortney as his SLP, he grew and succeeded beyond any expectations. Cortney not only supported Max, but she made sure that, as a family, we understood the strategies as well, so we could continue working with Max at home, and share the information with his educators at school. Recently, the staff at Max's school informed me that he is teaching his peers about the "We plan vs the Me plan." ...We had to smile, Cortney taught him that, and now he is teaching it because it made sense to him. Max never considered his time with Cortney as anything more than a time to play with his very special friend. That is what is so special...she makes the learning and challenges of learning...FUN!


In a nutshell, any child would be incredibly blessed to work with Cortney. I do not hesitate for an instant to say that my Max is where he is today, being social, making friends, and succeeding because of what he learned from Cortney. There are no words to express our gratitude or Max's love for her. She helped Max to believe that he could reach for the stars!


Marla, mother of a 6 year old

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