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Cortney Grove is a pediatric speech and language pathologist and certified infant / early childhood mental health consultant providing in-clinic and school visits in Chicago, Illinois. Her clinical specialties include autism, receptive and expressive language disorders, word-finding challenges, apraxia of speech, language-based learning disorders, reading comprehension, and social communication and cognition. Cortney provides in-depth speech and language evaluations and sees clients from infancy through high-school. She provides speech therapy privately and developmental consultations in Chicago area as well as through telepractice. A trainer, tutor and expert clinician in DIR/Floortime, Cortney offers consultative services to families who want guidance about their child's communication development in addition to their primary therapy team. She provides parent coaching and mentors speech therapists, occupational therapists, educators, and developmental therapists about early relationship development, communication, language, play, and social interaction.  

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It's easy to look to formal test scores as a way to measure your child's communication.  Most often, though, these scores only tell a small part of the story. Communication is a complex, dynamic process. Formal tests, though useful, simply can't capture all components of communication.


Cortney's dynamic speech and language evaluations go beyond test scores. She uses a combination of formal and informal evaluation tasks to help you understand your child's communication profile and make decisions about how best to support  his or her development.


In addition to comprehensive speech and language evaluations, Cortney offers specialized social cognition and communication evaluations for school-aged students based, in part, on the Social Thinking model developed by Michelle Garcia Winner.

Social Butterflies

become learners.

Socializing and play with peers in the early childhood years lays the foundation for later communication and learning - including reading and writing! One focus of Cortney's therapy with children is to help solidify these foundations so that they can use language to become successful learners in the school years.

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Development happens simultaneously across different areas including communication, cognition, motor skills, social-emotional development. Although speech and language therapists are trained extensively around communication, it's just as important for your SLP to know when and how to work with other professionals.

Having started her career in a multidisciplinary clinic, Cortney understands how critical it is to know the signs and symptoms of challenges in areas beyond communication.  She constantly works with families to determine whether other professionals might help foster their child's development. In addition, if your child already has a therapy team in place, Cortney will be proactive in collaborating and sharing ideas with team members to ensure that your child's speech and language skills transfer to other activities.

Cortney's work with younger children is play-based and involves family members whenever possible. Children develop communication by forming and sharing their ideas with others, making mistakes, making messes, and problem solving to keep the interaction going! She is an experienced speech therapist who supports communication skills through meaningful relationships with parents and their children.



Mother of a 6 year old

She has the most amazing way of introducing ideas to your child that challenge them to grow. During the time that our son was fortunate enough to have Cortney as his SLP, he grew and succeeded beyond any expectations.




Father of an 11 year old

Cortney has been working with my son for three years, both in person and remotely via WebEx.   Cortney's ability to identify precisely where my son's challenges lie, design interventions to address those challenges, and work with him to overcome them is nothing short of magical.  Having worked with multiple speech therapists over the years, I can say with confidence that there is none better than Cortney Grove, or if there is we have yet to meet her/him. 





Mother of a 12 year old

We worked with Cortney for two years, she is very knowledgeable, patient, and made learning fun. She is a great  motivator and caters each session to our special learning needs. My daughter loved working with her.


Amanda DeAngeles, Therapeutic classroom teacher


Cortney’s compassion, dedication and expertise in her field are reflected in the progress of her clients. Cortney is always willing to collaborate, consult and support with clients’ other therapists and teachers, ensuring a team approach!




Beyond the clinic.

Specialized services aren't available everywhere. Cortney offers intensive therapy weeks (or long weekends)for families that are able to travel to Chicago for short periods, provides services on-site in some states, and uses technology (zoom and other methods of telepractice) to help families that need support around specific therapy approaches. She is happy to collaborate with your local therapy team in order to help guide on-going treatment as needed.

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